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In the Netherlands the population is “turning grey” is a figure of speech. People are getting older, and the (health) care system for the elderly is under pressure. Budgets available for the care system are diminishing, and as a result the workload is increasing. Being self-sufficient and independent are important themes these days. For the staff and security of (heath) care institutions, it increasingly important to respond efficiently to alerts, alarms or notifications. It would be a waste of time and resources to respond to any alert, alarm or notification, which doesn’t justify an (immediate) action.

Another feature of today’s society in the Netherlands is that safety and security of objects requires ever more attention. Public and private property is increasingly the victim of vandalism or crime.

Secured by web believes that using smart automated processes regarding the alarms, both in security and (health) care can greatly improve the employment of (human) resources, while maintaining and even improving the sense of security and quality of (health) care. 

Secured by web claims that “safety should be integrated from within.” That is why Secured by web develops smart software for the integration of security soft- and hardware for companies and (health) care institutions. Making sure time is not wasted in situations when time does matter!
Needless to say, Secured by Web.

Obviously, Secured by web.



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