Healthcare notifications

Secured by web finds its origins in the Security Management Software designed for in and outpatient elderly (health) care. Our software is sold under own flag: the SBW-center label. As an OEM company we have all kinds of additional software available, which we assemble and maintain. SBW-Center is suited for responding to all kinds of warning signals from all sorts of devices.

What we do?

Inpatient (health) care

SBW-center is able to respond to a variety of alerts with great care, speed and differentiation. Appropriate alerts are: personal alarms, disabled persons’ alarms, personal detection alarms, wander alarms, and fall detection. These types of alarms are typically being used in healthcare institutions: nursing homes, assisted living homes and mental disability institutions. Every incoming alert automatically receives a predetermined priority and is being assigned to the most suited caregiver. The priority makes sure the alerts reach the caregiver in the right order. As a result caregivers are no longer distracted with the processing and prioritizing of incoming alerts. Therefore caregivers are able to work in a more efficient order. Since every incoming alert is being processed automatically, every alert is carefully reviewed. It is therefore impossible that alerts unintentionally remain unanswered. SBW-center is compatible with SCAIP (Social Care Alarm Internet Protocol).

Outpatient (health) care

SBW-center is also suited for outpatient use. People in need of care can be monitored. Alerts can be processed and forwarded to the allocated person: non-medical caregiver, healthcare provider or another institution. Obviously, access to SBW-Center is restricted, and only available to those authorized. A central care unit can provide back up in case the designated receiver is unable to respond. Responding efficiently and swiftly is a top priority for almost any healthcare alarm room- and institution. This means getting the right person to respond to the right notification, at the right time. Another priority is a sound registration of notifications, alerts and the follow-up actions. This information is also important for other involved parties such as: family, nursing and healthcare professionals and paramedics.


SBW-center is being put to use in multiple situations:

  • Nursing homes
  • Assisted living homes
  • Institutions
  • Care-centers
  • Central alarm rooms

How does it work?

In the event of an alert, all relevant information is sent to SBW-center. Information regarding treatments, changes and incidents. By doing so, SBW-center is able to determine which alert requires attention.

The user activates the alarm > The alarm is pressed manually, such as a necklace alarm, watch or a fixed alarm. The alarm can also be activated automatically due to irregular images monitored by a video camera.
SBW-center receives the alert > The alert is being forwarded to a manned of unmanned central, either with or without related video recordings. The alert will be prioritized by SBW-Center and is sent to the appropriate caretaker.
Dependency alert >When the alert is resolved, all relevant data is stored and with that the notification is closed.



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