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Our security branch is known for its great diversity of available devices and systems. Logically any central alarm room relies on technology, which simply is not allowed to fail, 24/7. For this task Secured by web had developed Meldweb. Meldweb is able to process all incoming alerts for professional central alarm rooms and video control rooms. It is defined by innovation, flexibility, continuity and the possibility to upscale or downsize in any given situation.

Meldweb is implemented by Secured by web in central alarm rooms, which process a fair amount of video footage, either under its own label or under whitelabel through integrators.

For a central alarm room it is essential to deal with as many incidents as possible, with as little as possible interference. Human action needs to be minimized at all times. Simultaneously an outgoing report of the event should be sent real-time to relevant participants, such as the mobile surveillance team or the client.

What do we solve?

Security of property, objects and areas is a growing topic of interest. Unwanted visitors could cause damage and/or expose themselves to all kinds of risks, by accident or even intentionally. A manned security station is not always possible or desirable. The same accounts for preventive infrastructure measures, such as fences or ditches.

Properties security and control of access points by a central alarm room via video observation offers flexibility and multiple possibilities. A video management system combined with video content analysis can deal with a large amount of alerts of varying magnitude. This way, many or large properties can efficiently be guarded effectively. Watching all the video feeds live by a human employee is expensive, inefficient and old-fashioned. Our sophisticated software, Meldweb is able to do this, 24/7 without a sign of fatigue.

How does it work?

An alert can be generated by one of the following items: Video Content Analyze systems (VCA), intercoms, motion and sound detection sensors, traditional alarm systems or software (such as Milestone, AgentVi or Axis). Meldweb forwards this signal to a PC with SIP Telephone, a text message or for example the Secured by web app. The receiver immediately has full access to the footage of the event, as well as the live footage at the moment. The response to the alert is registered and will be added to the data for future reports and statistics.  Secured by web has brought it to a higher level. It is also possible to connect with Meldweb while working with Agent VI or another alarm system. In short, all alerts originating from or forwarded via Milestone can be processed by Meldweb.

Flexible Scheduler

For some companies, and on some occasions it is not always necessary to receive alerts throughout the entire 24 hours. Flexible scheduler is a system, which allows you to decide at what times during the day alerts should be forwarded. Flexible scheduler is the software, which can be used to decide whether an alert originating from Milestone should be displayed in Meldweb. In general, all alerts go from Axis Perimeter Defender (ADP) to Milestone 24/7. Alerts will only be forwarded from Milestone (via M2MS) to Meldweb if this is set in flexible scheduler. It is possible to adjust these settings for each location, camera or group of cameras individually.

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