System Integration

The software and camera systems we have installed in the past are never alike. Each customer, situation and budget is different. Usually clients already have some kind of soft- and hardware installed. Demands and preferences also vary between customers. That is why Secured by web only produces unique solutions: everything is custom made. Besides developing our own software and being an agent for various established systems, we focus on being an expert in integrating every security system imaginable.

In our search for the best possible solution we keep the big picture in mind. If there are multiple established systems, it could be smart to organize the coordination and registration all from one location (centralize) or the other way around (decentralize). We are specialized in connecting hard- and software systems. Our goal is always to unburden our customers by any means possible, even if it means we have to make changes in the DNA of our software.

Not only our technological talent can be of value to you, we have years of experience in the niche market of digital security. We know every inch of it and our network consists of many institutions and all types of alarm rooms. The exchange of knowledge and contacts in this line of work can mean a big bonus for your level of security.

Custom made solutions

Next to our main products, SBW-center and Meldweb, Secured by web is also able to develop very inventive solutions out of thin air. The following examples will elaborate.

Last Mile Logistics/PostNL

A common display in some streets in the Netherlands these days: an automated post office station. The concept of this unmanned postal pick-up and delivery station was developed by Last Mile Logistics. Secured by web designed all of the hard- and software required for this ‘invention of the century’.


Everybody knows the hassle of finding an empty space in a parking lot during rush hour. Switchpark decided to fight this torment with technology. Switchpark is able to identify and offer available spots to car owners needing one. Even payment and booking a reservation is possible because of the platform developed by Secured by Web.


Due to our extensive experience with security system integration and custom made solutions in this line of work, customers reach out to us for the development of custom PCB’s. Secured by web has already been involved with some very innovative companies who lack the necessary knowledge and experience to develop these products themselves. Nowadays similar companies have no problems finding us. We help with outlining the specifications, shape the design and if necessary, introduce you to a third party for outsourcing of the production.

A selection of our customers.


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