Camera Systems

We have been working together with trusted partners ever since introducing our custom made camera security solutions.  Our work as a specialist in the field of camera security and system integration has grown into a partnership with Axis. Therefore we can provide any Axis products, cameras or accessories. Milestone is also a trusted partner of Secured by web and we can provide all their licenses and products. Any repairs or replacements needed? We also supply single products such as cameras and other accessories. 

About Axis

Axis offers a broad selection of IP-bases products and solutions for video observation and security. All security cameras, video-encoders, accessories and access control products are based on standard open industry coding. Products are easily integrated with Axis’s video control software or any partner product to ensure a complete security or observation solution.

Whatever solution thinkable, Axis provides network cameras, which meet your demands: Solid indestructible, all-weather cameras up to discreet, disguised video observation. Everything is possible.

The cameras are able to produce excellent HDTV-quality despite the lack of decent lighting, size and/ or other peculiarities of the objects to be secured. All is possible with minimal bandwidth and storage memory usage to minimalize energy supply.

Analytical applications developed by Axis and partners, transform regular network cameras to indispensable (observe and control) tools able to warn for any ominous situation and guiding you in taking smart actions, decisions and allocation of the means available. Data can be integrated with any other digital system.

Secured by web is specialized in digital observation and security systems exclusively available for TCP/IP networks. Secured by web therefore possesses specific knowledge, and has over 10 years of experience in this new market of combining and installation security, observation and network technology. That is why Secured by web can be identified as one of the leading players in this field of work, and a beacon for any advice concerning security integration solutions.

About Milestone

Milestone systems was founded in 1998 and distributes IP-video-control-software ever since. Their software is designed for open platforms (VMS) and therefore suited for hard- and software partners to use in order to find the best possible integrated video-solution for security purposes. Milestone organizes the management, integration and distribution of digital video-data in order to improve the safety levels and organizational procedures of their customers.

XProtect® VMS is based on an open platform, which makes it suitable to integrate with an extensive amount of video cameras and other hardware such as: access-control-units and video-analysis. Milestone XProtect® VMS supports over 7,000 cameras and hardware devices, is powerful, reliable, easy to operate and has already proved itself in over 150,000 solutions around the world. The open platform community of Milestone Systems is a network consisting of more than 8,000 hardware suppliers, camera manufacturers and software developers, who combine their products and applications with the video software platform of Milestone Systems. Applications of Milestone Systems are available in most countries around the globe, with regional offices and sales representatives in over 25 countries.


Our camera systems are suitable for:

  • industrial areas
  • building sites
  • marshalling grounds
  • business premises
  • parking lots and garages
  • project fields for various purposes

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